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Received at: Oct 14, 1999, 20:16
Name: Frank
Team: Frank
Comments: Welcome to the IOFFL Sound Off !! Page....Want to get something off your chest or get an idea out there? Put it here....

Received at: Oct 15, 1999, 08:47
Name: Chris
Team: C / E / R
Comments: Well, I'll be the first to throw something out here....I'm am so sick of St. Lous and Indy scoring TDs every single time. Is it too much to ask that a drive falls short and they have to kick a FG? Is it? INDY AND ST. LOUIS!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Received at: Dec 13, 1999, 12:52
Name: jim
Team: Jim
Comments: Frank, Thanks for Corey Dillon, I waited all season for him him to produce. I wish we had a few more weeks to play. Sorry to Steve for spoiling an undefeated season. I guess my team just rose to the competition. Congratulations for a great season. My only hope is that Frank doesn't go all the way, we would never hear the end of it. congratulations to everybody in the palyoffs.

Received at: Aug 28, 2000, 14:30
Name: Chris
Team: C / E / R
Comments: Good luck to all in this years draft. A word of advice... pick Kordell Stewart and the rest of the Steelers in the early rounds!

Received at: Oct 23, 2001, 09:38
Name: Chris
Team: C / E / R
Comments: Trung Trung Trung Trung Trung Trung Trung Trung Trung Trung!!!!!!!!!!!!


Received at: Aug 23, 2002, 00:13
Name: Yollie
Team: T / J


Received at: Feb 23, 2003, 08:00
Name: Jim
Team: T / J
Comments: What do you do when you miss the IOFFL playoffs, and you've still got the IOFFL bug while watching the NFL playoffs? Challenge your partner or fellow league member, mano da mano - Prize was a bag of Skittles vs. a bag of M&M's ... (Guiness vs. Coor's Lite seemed lite a miss match) After a quick draft (we added a TE to the normal rules), we came up w/ the following: Tim: Gannon, Crockett, Pittman, Brown, McCardell, Jurovious, Jolley, Gramatica, Oak D Jim: Johnson, Alstott, Garner, Rice, Keyshaun, Porter, Dilger, Janokowksi, TB D The Game: Our game was a bit more exciting than the real deal. After trading points, the score was 31-30 w/ Tim leading at the two minute warning. (and most people had written off the game) Well, the ex-Viking QB (my secret weapons) threw two TD's to the Tampa D and I won 42-33. T/J Game notes: -As you may know, I hate the "D" category and here we are scoring 4 D's in the game, and 3 are mine. (Maybe we'll draft TB in round 4 next year) -Both kickers are near and dear to some T/J past failure's. Gramatica got 12 pts, but Janokowski only had 3 as Oakland tried(and failed) 2pt'ers all nite -3 ex-T/J players (Alstott, Rice, McCardell) each scored 6pts a piece -Hello, M&M's Anyhow, we're now looking at drafting a roster for the Pro-Bowl (just kidding)


Received at: Sep 03, 2003, 13:58
Name: Rich
Team: C / E / R
Comments: Many thanks to the commish for another great draft. Be wary of the new C/R